Patricia Gray Interior Design - contemporary & exquisitely designed bespoke residences built by Ferrari Contruction.

Patricia Gray is an award winning interior designer with acclaimed projects all over Canada & further afield.  With a featured set of residences built by Ferrari Construction in partnership with Patricia.  We hope that you'll agree it's plain to see the plaudits shine through in both aesthetic design & construction.

Patricia's most recent awards include earning five first place Northwest Design Awards, including Best Luxury Kitchen Design; being named one of the 'Top 3 Design Firms in Canada' & being ranked third among the 'Top 25 Interior Design works in the World'.



Elapsed work time, survey to sign-off 5 months

Nouveau natural living with open expansive views, earth tones & featuring dining space with open plan living.

Natural tones, natural woods & ample amounts of natural light are spread generously by the open design of this project.  Dominated by a custom built island, this residence features high grade marble & masonry work with a custom built facades.

Designed to compliment the best energies of the space & we are extremely proud of the final product.



Elapsed work time, survey to sign-off 4 months

with clean & expansive designs this space is wholly refreshing & built to embrace the most of life & entertainment.

The Bellevue residence stands out as a masterclass in openly fresh living.  The open design was further enhanced by a custom wrap-around kitchen & living area, including a breakfast bar.  From the fittings & fixtures to the custom built cabinets, this project combines intelligent design with top quality construction to create a comfortable uninterrupted living space.

Featuring balcony doors in the bedroom & fully designed suites featuring underfloor heating & fully integrated wet-room.



expansive & multi-purposed basement unit conversion

Elapsed work time, survey to sign-off 3 months

Tasked to image up a whole new & dynamic space.  Featuring a fully formed and skimmed concrete floor providing insulation & damp-proofing.  With stylized duct-air system fitted around an accessorized rail mounting system to facilitate a modular studio lighting setup.  A multi roled life space, perfect for studio purposes.  Full garage access & staircase built-in accessing to main house.

With a utilitarian aesthetic design, minimal cost project for a huge style potential.  Damp & weather proofed with custom form concrete work.



fully bespoke decked area complete with leading stairs & landscape, featuring contemporary glass paneling.

Elapsed work time, survey to sign-off 3 months

We worked closely with our client to design & build a bespoke deck together with a full flight of stairs to fully transform their outdoor living space.

Featuring contemporary reinforced glass paneling & aesthetic spindle-work this space has been rejuvenated into a refreshing entertainment area for all types of life.  Built with our always backed & assured quality.


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